Friday, July 1, 2011

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  • samswas
    06-13 02:38 PM

    Applied for EAD renewal on 6/11/2008. Should I get it for 2 years or 1 year.
    My understanding is everything that gets processed after 6/30/2008, will be for 2 years.

    My PD is 6/12/2006, EB2 - which is not current right now, and I don't expect it to be current, until my I-765 gets processed (Well if it becomes current I guess I don't need 2 years :) )

    Thanks for any comments/thoughts!

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  • Juan28210
    11-14 03:11 PM
    What is the minimum requirement for EB2? From what I read, it's BS+5yrs, or MS+1yr.

    1. Is there a rule that the experience should have been gained outside of the US?

    2. Is there a rule that the number of years experience should be from an employer other than the petitioning employer?


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  • skmurthy
    05-28 01:34 PM
    Hi All,

    Please help me to take proper decision.

    I am working in US on H1B visa and my employer is ready to file for my GC in EB2.

    Secondly, my father is a Green card holder and can apply for citizenship in early 2010. I have following questions:

    Please note I am unmarried

    1. If my father applies for GC for me under F2B can it be converted to F1 when he becomes citizen? if so, will the priority date be same or it will be new once converted to F1 category.

    2. Can I apply for both family based and employment based in parallel? if it is not possible which path should I select? Will the employment based GC will be faster of family based? Its tough to decide in this economic times as we dont know how long our job will last.

    Would appreciate your help and suggessions.


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  • rb_248
    02-14 07:47 AM
    VISA BULLETIN FOR MARCH 2007 is out No change in EB2.

    OMG really.....thats awesome.


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  • krishnam70
    05-01 05:15 PM
    1)My I 94 expires in 2 months.I don't want to extend H1 and I want to use EAD.So how can I extend my I94 if I start using EAD?

    2)I finished 4yrs of stay on H1B. If I don't extend H1B now and start using EAD, if by any reason my 485 denies in future, can I switch back to my H1B and work for the remaining 2yrs on H1B?

    Just start using your EAD and if you have an Advance Parole use that next time you enter the country from a trip abroad and you will get a new I-94.

    - cheers

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  • helcrase
    04-07 08:22 PM

    I was on an F1 visa until Oct, 2008 and on H1-b visa after that.
    The expiry date on my F1 visa stamp is in 2011.

    I intend to convert from H1 to F1 . Do I require a new F1 visa stamp or will my old stamping be valid still?

    Thanks in advance.


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  • Blog Feeds
    10-15 06:30 PM
    H-1B Quota is still available for all employers. Employers who have not yet proceeded with new H-1B filing can go ahead now too as per their business requirements. After many years since the Cap of H-1B started, it is still available even after Sept. 30, 2009. As of this writing, there are still H1B cap numbers available, both in the advanced-degree and regular H1B quotas. This means that H1B petitions can still be filed for fiscal year 2010. These filings can continue, as long as the cap numbers are available.

    We like to share that H-1B petitions can be filed throughout FY10, until the cap numbers are all depleted. Petition filed under the 2010 Cap after October 1, 2009, the start date of work requested can be immediate. Since October 1, 2009 has already passed, and the H-1B numbers are still available, filings may request an immediate validity date. Like earlier, the start date for H-1B work can be as much as six months in the future, depending upon the needs of an employer. Usually one has to start the H-1B Cap process 6 months in advance of the requested start of employment, employers were all doing so in order to increase their chances of obtaining one of the limited cap numbers. Thus, cases were filed at the beginning of April, requesting an October 1st start date. However, we are now beyond October 1st, and Cap numbers remain available, it is possible to pick a more desirable start date, ranging from immediate to six months in the future.

    There is not much progress in cases filed in FY 2010 quota yet. However, there is sharp increase in filings. The regular cap increased by 1600 cases between the end of August and the end of September, for a total of 46,700 as of September 25, 2009. This reflects a higher rate of filings than in the prior few months which may be due to re-filings and fresh filing as per upcoming requirements. We will keep you posted on further developments.

    More... (

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  • Berkeleybee
    04-12 02:20 PM
    In the last few weeks, as we worked to get our amendments in, USINPAC ( has proved to be a tremendously important ally.

    Read our joint press release (

    We view their continued support as critical to our efforts once the Senate returns from recess.


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  • nashorn
    12-12 03:42 AM
    anybody please...
    Many threads here are on this, you've got to look for it and read. You've asked a question that has been asked and answered many times. That is why nobody has answered your questions.

    In brief, you can use AP to come back, and work with H1B for the company who filed your H1B petition, and you can extend or transfer your H1B as well. You can also work on EAD for anyone you want, but you cannot come back to H1B.

    There is more on other threads that will make you feel more positive about these answers, and helpful info on traval with AP.

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  • shruthi07
    05-10 09:03 PM
    Attorney Seth Miller

    Wynn and Wynn, Raynham, MA



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  • micofrost
    08-03 01:26 PM
    Hello Friends,

    I am a new member and i am planning to join company. How long will take to tranfer visa from AAA to BBB? and one more doubt, is there any limitation to file Labour because i haven't file labour by current company. my new company may be filling my labour would take 3 to 4 months. is that making any problem to file labour after few months?

    please clarify my doubts.

    If you apply for premium, then you will have your I797 approval within 2 weeks. Otherwise it is taking 4 months(worst case). But you are ok to change your employer, with your fedex delivery receipt as long as it shows received by the USCIS office.
    As for labor filing in PERM. Minimum time is two months + administrative process like lawyer's delay and employer's delay.
    But they can also file a labor even before you join the company BBB.

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  • swamy
    12-12 08:25 PM
    Just my thought for what its worth.


    please stop thinking then


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  • anandrajesh
    07-10 09:34 PM
    EB3 Oct 2002... No Brainer... Go for it.

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  • yyfGC98
    05-19 12:49 PM
    I need help on my I485 pending case:

    When I was a PHD student I filled NIW (national interest waiver) and got my I-140 approval (priority date is 6/22/2006). Now I am working for a Telecommunication company.

    My NIW I-140 form stated my job is:

    SOC Code: 17-2112
    Nontechnical description of job: Operations research and logistics with optimization and numerical analysis.

    In my NIW cover letter, I stated my contribution in airline industry with the operations research and optimization knowledge. My current work is still related to the operations research and logistics but my contribution is different now. Does that mean I am not in the same research/work field? Some attorney said my I-485 will most probably be denied because I am not benefit to airline industry now. Is this true?

    What is the definition of the same/similar field? I thought I should be safe as long as I continue to work on OR and logistics related work, even if my work on different project or for different companies.

    When USCIS process I-485, they will look at the job description on I-140 form or the contribution in cover letter?

    An attorney suggested me to apply a PERM as a backup to keep the existing priority date (6/22/06), in case my NIW-based 485 case has any issue.
    What's the percentage of chance that you think my 485 can be denied due to the working field issue? I originally thought it's very small (less than 5%), and I just need to wait for the Visa availability. Is it correct?

    My husband's H1 visa is about to reach the 6 year limit in March 2011, and he was thinking to use EAD from my 485 case until we get green card. Is this a good plan, or he need to apply a PERM as a backup too? Is it too late? What would be a good plan?


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  • gcfriend65
    12-18 09:18 AM
    Gurus, please help. Can anybody throw some light on why my LUD has changed on I-485. Could it be because of name clearance.

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  • mundakamal
    06-21 09:29 AM
    Bumping up for some responses..


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  • aandb
    03-03 09:46 AM
    This is a bit of a convoluted question, so I'll start at the beginning. In 2005 my husband(UK citizen, I'm a US citizen) was arrested for domestic violence. At that time, he had been overstaying his visa waiver for about 9 months, as we had been meaning to file his request for permanent residency, but had been lazy and put it off. Anyway, since he overstayed, USCIS took him to a detention center, where he stayed for about a month, and one day they just told him he was going home, they bought him a plane ticket, and sent him on his way. He never received any papers of any kind, all that happened was that his A-number was written in his passport. One of the agents told him he'd have a 3 year ban, another told him it would be 10 years. So, anyway, it's 4 1/2 years later, and we've started trying to find out when he could possibly re-enter, just to visit(we both live in the UK now, but still have family in the States). From what we read, we realized that maybe he wasn't actually technically deported. We called EIOR and found out that his A-number isn't in their system, so obviously he wasn't actually deported. The woman there said it sounds more like an expedited removal. We tried asking ICE what the length of his ban is, and they said we'd have to file a FOIA to find that out. So, until we do that, we're going with the working theory that it's a 5 year ban, since that seems to be what you get for expedited removals. Anyway, if it does turn out to be a 5 year ban, he'd be able to return in a few months, which would be awesome, but we're wondering what the chances of getting approved for a B-2 are. Also, assuming they let him visit, what are the chances of him ever getting a spouse visa, so we could one day move back to the US? Thanks!

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  • gapala
    09-05 09:39 AM
    I came across this video which talks about the swine flu and the vaccine, more importantly the side effects that the vaccine may cause in childrens. I was surprised to hear that the medical community refused to take the vaccine. Why?

    YouTube - Makers Of Vaccination Refuse To Take H1N1 (

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  • tcsonly
    07-24 11:43 AM
    Can you please point me to the thread? Thank you.

    Take some time to search the forums before starting new threads.
    The answer to your question is under Greencard retrogression. It's the first sticky thread with title: " All Priority date transfers and issues discussed here".

    Admins: Please close this thread.


    06-01 04:15 PM

    Recently I have received following mail from USCIS that my case is transferred to NBC. How it's going to effect my case process? What could be possible reason that it transferred to National Benefit Center? IS NBC faster or slow?

    Here is email :


    Current Status: This case has been sent to another office for processing because it has jurisdiction over the case.

    On June 1, 2009, we transferred this I485 APPLICATION TO REGISTER PERMANENT RESIDENCE OR TO ADJUST STATUS to our NATIONAL BENEFITS CENTER location for processing because they now have jurisdiction over the case. We sent you a notice of this transfer. Please follow any instructions on this notice. You will be notified by mail when a decision is made, or if the office needs something from you. If you move while this case is pending, call customer service. We process cases in the order we receive them. You can use our processing dates to estimate when this case will be done. This case has been sent to our NATIONAL BENEFITS CENTER location. Follow the link below to check processing dates. You can also receive automatic e-mail updates as we process your case. Just follow the link below to register.

    If you have questions or concerns about your application or the case status results listed above, or if you have not received a decision from USCIS within the current processing time listed*, please contact USCIS Customer Service at (800) 375-5283.

    *Current processing times can be found on the USCIS website at under Case Status and Processing Dates.
    *** Please do not respond to this e-mail message.

    Thanks for help,

    R We

    10-17 08:37 PM
    Hi Guys
    I went to local USCIS office today and asked about my case status. My I-485 was filled on 08Feb07 in EB2 category. A lot of people who have fillled I-485 after me, have already received green cards.
    The Immigration lady was very nice and she told me that my case can not be approved as my name check is still pending with FBI. The name check was initiated on 24Feb07. She created a service ticket for me providing a target date of middle of next month. The ticket said that "Please approve asap after getting clearance from FBI". I do not know what does that mean? Still trying to figure out???

    Then I asked about name check status of my dependants. She mentioned that their name check has been resolved which is different from cleared. She created a different SR for my dependants requesting Approval of Green cards as name check has been resolved again giving me mid of next month as target date. Does it mean that my depandants can get approval before my approval?
    Gurus Any idea what should I expect. Do I need to continue to follow up with FBI and senators regarding my name check and collecting information for case file?


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