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  • CADude
    08-23 01:53 PM
    If your Attorney is confident then move on.. Let's see if any one with similar issue has any comment to offer. Good Luck.

    My lawyer says 'do not worry' and he does not say what may be potential impact. gurus can you help what kind of trouble I would be facing?

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  • pnagar
    12-05 08:47 PM

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  • tonyHK12
    05-19 11:59 AM
    Arnold's Baby Mama Is Guatemalan Migrant : Barbados Gazette (

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  • vxg
    08-22 10:29 AM
    I deal with the lawyers in Morgan Lewis for legal work in my company though not related to immigration but related to Fedral laws in Energy sector, very professional.
    appreciate any feedback or comments on law firm
    for Ac21 and GC etc..


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  • caydee
    09-22 02:46 PM
    Can you direct me to the source of this information, Please?


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  • windycloud
    02-02 03:42 PM
    Can you at least produce the extension receipt at the embassy? Is your job title IT Consultant? If the answers are no and yes, personally I would not risk it. Of course this is nothing more than a personal opinion. My H-1B expires in April. I waited for the past 3 months and got my extension approved so I'm going back to China this month.


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  • jliechty
    February 10th, 2006, 09:56 PM
    Sorry that I wasn't able to help, but I'm glad that you were able to resolve the issue.

    Email stories to Microsoft [Archive] - Immigration Voice

    View Full Version : Email stories to Microsoft

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  • AndherNagri
    02-11 10:46 AM
    Great link where we can bark.
    I already wrote in, and feel many more should.
    Unfortunately, White house is not a problem but senate and house are.


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  • akhilmahajan
    09-10 11:32 AM
    If anyone is planning to drive from CT for the rally or is not driving because they are unsure, or not motivated enough... then here is your chance.

    We can join together and go to DC and come back together. I am planning to go on Monday 17th morning. Ill be coming from New Haven/Hamden area in CT.

    If anyone is planning to go in the evening, we have a BUS service available also. We are starting 6:30 PM from Woburn, MA on the 17th and should be reaching Hartford at around 8:15 - 8:30 PM, New Haven at about 9:00 - 9:15 PM.

    Please also keep on checking thread for the latest updates on the bus starting from MA.

    Also if you are on highways 84 and 91, let us know, as we can pick you up on the way.

    Look forward to getting some more ppl joining the bus.

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  • morchu
    05-27 09:45 AM
    Technically ...... "ZERO" (no time-gap).
    But don't worry about it too much (what can you do). Get your next job ASAP, and file for "premium processing".

    In the past "extension of status" petitions had got approved even after almost a month gap, with good explanation. But you can never count on that.

    Worst thing that can happen for a valid new H1 job is USCIS approve your H1 but reject your "extension of status" (I797 without I-94 attached). In that case, you might need to travel outside of USA and get your visa.

    Either way, don't go beyond 180 days. There will be additional consequences.

    Hello, I lost my job today, but I have H1B. So what's the time gap for finding a new job?

    Thank you very much.


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  • ambals03
    03-03 01:44 PM
    It is at 5:30 pm EST at NBC Nightly news with Brian Williams.

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  • wooncherk
    January 24th, 2005, 10:35 PM
    Does any one interested in the new Olympus Evolt E-300?....... or any who already own it?....... i personally am very interested in it and am looking forward to buy one on March........


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  • FredG
    May 20th, 2004, 06:20 PM
    agree with the intrigue. might be more readily apparent if more of the foreground were included. but maybe the mystery is part of it. it held my attention til i figured it out too.

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  • rdehar
    05-12 02:13 PM
    In OHIO I have successfully renewed my DL for 4 full years solely on original I-485 receipt.

    On H1 they still give 1 year extensions.

    Try doing the same in your state.


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  • sachuin23
    08-10 02:53 AM
    Address should be home address which in your friends case would be address in India.
    Same applies for the home phone.

    I believe you can put tentative travel date for his travel to US. This info is usually used to determine start date for validity of visa.

    For last question, I had used name and contact info of graduate adviser/Department Head.

    Hope it helps!

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  • vedicman
    06-15 10:21 AM
    Did you know that more than 1 million green cards were issued in 2009 and less than 60,000 went to actual high skilled immigrants??


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  • logiclife
    04-20 08:27 PM
    We have asked for an amendment to allow applicants to file for I 485 even when the dates are not current so that EAD can also be filed (which gives portability).

    Please see the link "Amendments" on home page and look for Sen. Brownback's amendment.

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  • dude
    10-05 02:25 PM
    Its not a problem. As long as your I-485 is applied and pending , you can apply any time.

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  • huchinango
    04-02 12:33 PM
    Hello --
    Do any of you know what the A# is on the I-485 / I-130 / I-765 etc is for people who have previously held an F-1 / OPT-related A#? I have seen previous forums stating that OPT A#s begin with a "1" which connotes an OPT status; however I am not clear whether we are supposed to use that same A# on our I-485 and other GC-related documents, or leave that space blank.

    Sorry this is redundant but previous posts don't seem to clarify a definitive answer to this question. Many thanks in advance.


    04-09 05:06 PM
    Since you have Valid H1b, using H1b is better option. EAD � you need to renew it every year. If you are in EAD, then you have to have AP (if you want to travel abroad) which also you need to renew every year.

    If anything goes wrong in your I485 (just in case) you will be in trouble, but that is not the case if you are in H1B. I am not saying EAD is bad, but comparatively Valid H1b is a better option.

    If your previous employer won't revoke I140, then no issues, even revoking of approved I140 by your previous employer will not have any effect as you have completed 180 days after filing your I485.


    i got my i140 approved ,i-485 applied >180 days with my old employer.i have my h1b till 2010.Now i got an offer from a new company who is willing to do my h1b transfer and they said no need for doing labour,i140 again.
    i am confused. is that safe if i do h1b transfer and keeping old employer's i140.(they won't revoke).Are its better to use ead to avoid confusion in GC process.pls show me the light.

    Blog Feeds
    06-02 09:40 AM
    Kudos to Senator Chuck Schumer for raising the profile of a serious issue - discrimination against same-sex partners in US immigration law. Even as several states are enacting marriage equality laws and anti-discrimination laws are moving forward around the US (including here in my home town of Memphis), the antiquated Defense of Marriage Act prevents USCIS from treating these families fairly. The UAFA would be a huge step forward. The Senate will have its first hearing on the bill tomorrow. My friend Chuck Kuck, president of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, has posted his written statement here. Thanks to reader...

    More... (

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