Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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  • dexa_007
    03-19 09:47 PM
    I like 'em!

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  • Prashanthi
    04-09 01:03 PM
    As long as the company is willing to continue his GC process.

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  • raysaikat
    11-09 05:15 PM

    My wife came to US on H4 and changed to F1 status thru COS. She is doing Masters 2nd semester and went for F1 visa stamping this week in India. She got 221(g) pink slip asking explain her projects, plans afer study etc. Visa officier withheld her passport and I20.
    BTW the way I am on H1B and provided all the financial support documents.
    I searched the online didnt any F1 getting 221(g) pink.

    1)If anyone else got this for F1 please share your experiences and any tips.

    2)How long it takes after repsonding to thier queries

    3)what are the chances getting visa after getting 221(g) pink

    4) Do you suggest getting any professional in drafting the reponse to te queries.. if so do you know any one in Hyderabad, India


    Submit what the IO requested. With F1, the usual problem is proving no intent for immigration.

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  • insbaby
    09-22 09:12 AM
    Are you working now? Consult any immigration lawer on the steps to follow on the H1 transfer. I am not sure if there is a clause that you should have worked on the current company few months and get the pay checks. Also to transfer H1, you need copy of your 797 and not original. You can get it from your employer or from the lawer who filed H1. Bottom line, the forum answers should be taken as only guidence and not advice. Consult a IM lawer to confirm anything before you act.


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  • cr125rider
    04-16 01:56 AM
    It all good man. Just link would be cool, how do I get PS:CS to not antialias it when I amke it bigger?

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  • kingpin60
    07-16 04:08 PM
    Hi everyone,

    Here is my situation and I need URGENT help.

    I am currently on L1-A for past 7 years (Visa expires Nov 07). During this span my company's attorney has unsuccessfully filed my I140 (twice was rejected at NSC and later TSC - due to 3 year degree and also my job description prior to transfer to US did not showed I have managerial/management function of a department). He refiled again this time with proper documentation and additional support letters from senior exec from my company.

    I suspect he has been making mistakes in my filing and my time is running out. I am thinking of using my own money and hire another lawyer to file a fresh I140/485. Is this possible since I have already 2 pending I140; one at NSC under EB-1C and another at TSC under EB-3?

    Please reply urgently if anyone has the answer to my question as I am running out of time.

    Thanks in advance.


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  • sb1122
    10-06 08:54 PM
    My wife is currently on h4. She has applied for H4 to F1 trasfer i539 application with university A in May 2008. She is currently enrolled in University A on H4 as her application is pending. Now she got admission from a better unversity (starting Spring - Jan 2009) and she wants to join this university. What is the process to transfer her university given her i539 application is still pending (and probably remain pending till early 2009).

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  • martinvisalaw
    09-10 02:42 PM
    I would always go by the DOS website first. It looks like the consulate website confused India and China dates.


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  • buehler
    02-06 06:00 PM
    I filed my I-485 in July 07 at Nebraska service center and my wife had her finger printing done a month or so ago but I am yet to get the notice. Is there some number I can call and check. My Lawyer is very uncooperative in this case.

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  • payal_nag
    02-26 12:44 PM
    Hello All,

    I have a few questions for the group. I have an approved labor and I-140 in EB3 category with a 2005 priority date. My 7th year H1 expires on May 11 2007 and my company has already filed for my 3 year H1 extension based on my approved I-140 which will be valid from May 2007 to May 2010. My questions are the following:
    1) Can I change my employer and keep my 2005 priority date if the new employer also agrees to file a fresh PERM app and I-140 for me?
    2) If I qualify for EB2 category, can my new employer file for I-140 in EB2 category and still maintain the old priority date?
    3) Since my current visa is valid till May 11 2007 and new visa will be valid from May 12 2007, can i start work for a new employer in April 2007 based on my new 3 year H1 or do I have to wait till May 2007 to start work on the new visa?

    Any help will be greatly appreciaited.



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  • hibworker
    11-03 05:35 PM
    I don't see any issues for your wife to convert to F1 now and then apply for I-485 when your PD gets current. However once she applies for I-485 then it will be risky to apply for extension of F1 or stamping F1 as F1 does not allow for dual intent and she would have shown her intent to immigrate. So after applying for I-485, it will be advisable to switch to EAD / AP for work and travel.

    I know this has been discussed a lot but I need advise or suggestions..

    I am under Eb2 with priority date of Jan 2007 (labor and I140 approved) waiting for date to be current so that I can file I485 AOS....

    My wife wants to convert from H4 to F1 for coming Spring 2011 so that she can take assistantship..

    Is it advisable to change status to F1 with priority date so close..? does it cause any problems for her I485 application since F1 status is Non-immigrant category..

    Please advise..

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  • gsanthosh
    10-15 01:08 PM
    Hi ,
    Iam also in same boat. Application reached USCIS NSC on Aug3rd. Signed by Kujera. No updates till now.


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  • hopelessGC
    06-02 01:55 PM
    You have to decide whether it is worth the hassle. If you are relying on this EAD to start working on it immediately, then it would make sense to bite the bullet and assume the monetary loss.

    If you are not going to use it any time soon, then you should think about appealing and getting a 2 year EAD and save the extra money you will have to spend.

    Either ways, good luck!

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  • meenu_a
    03-30 11:45 PM
    Hi Becks,

    Thank you so much. I am much relieved now. So, As long as I work for the sponsoring employer(even though the labor location is different) is it ok to file Ac-21 and move to another employer.? My impression was that I was obliged to work for that exact position(the one on the labor) to prove the 'intent'.



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  • moonrah
    05-11 06:23 PM
    I think you are talking about labor certification, but how about I-140

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  • ps57002
    03-01 09:36 AM
    Not sure if I posted this on right forum....

    I'm at 485/EAD stage. not on H1b anymore. I recently badly sprained and fractured my ankle/foot. Am considering taking a leave for maybe two weeks from work.

    Question: does going on short term disability and getting benefits from the state have any adverse effect on the immigration process?

    Please let me know. Thanks.


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  • jthomas
    11-24 11:08 PM
    I don't think one can open a account from india in US bank. However i had visited a website which says that anyone in the world can do business from USA. I tried it but did not.

    I am in H1B and i opened a business account in USA. The procedure is to get a fititcious businesss name from the citi and open a account in any of the banks. Later apply for a business license from the city. Every year you will have to file tax return (i do it on the month of december). It is very easy and consulars help over there. Additionally you have a advantage to talk to any of the SCORE/SBA members and improve your business.

    Regarding opening a business account, Wells fargo charges $10/- every month and later if you talk to them about low activity account they will charge you $8/- per month. Citibank needs a lot of information and they charge $10/- a month. I had avoided citibank after spending 3 hours interacting with the teller. The best is Washington Mutual (which is Chase now). there is no charge and i think they need atleast one transaction every year.

    Hope this helps.

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  • l_ynx
    10-25 05:12 AM
    of course...
    that works
    just another question:
    when you make a new material, can you export it or save it?? or sth. like that?

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  • anilsal
    11-13 06:10 PM
    If not, take a look at the pictures here:

    The pictures for meet ups held at IL and others states will be added to this blog.

    Come forward and start enrolling yourself in your local state chapters......

    IV is not an online forum where you can just ask questions, chat around. It is also a platform for you to raise your voice and work towards eradicating RETROGRESSION!

    Come forward. Look for a meet up for your state chapter. If there is none, then push for one. If there is no state chapter, what is stopping you from starting one?

    05-05 01:26 PM
    As per the terms of the settlement (http://www.uscis.gov/portal/site/uscis/menuitem.5af9bb95919f35e66f614176543f6d1a/?vgnextoid=eaf995fda9a99110VgnVCM1000004718190aRCR D&vgnextchannel=2492db65022ee010VgnVCM1000000ecd190a RCRD), USCIS will EXPEDITE the N-400 and I-485 IF

    Its been pending at USCIS for atleast 6 months
    You are receiving SSI benefits

    Well I meet the first condition and visa numbers for my I-485 are available. But I dont meet the 2nd condition(not really sure). I for sure dont receive any benefits from SSA so I guess I cant use this settlement.

    Any insights/ideas?

    03-20 04:09 PM
    Hi All,

    Thank you for your respnse.My attorney has filed for a duplicate copy now.


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